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What is a method style access? 156

What is a method style access?

In the context of Vuex getters, method-style access refers to accessing a getter as a function on the store.getters object. This is less common than property-style access, but it offers specific advantages in certain situations:

How it works:


const store = createStore({ /* ... */ });

// Accessing a getter using method-style access
const filteredProducts = store.getters.getProductsByCategory('electronics');

// This is equivalent to the property-style access, but the result is not cached
// const filteredProducts = store.getters.filterByCategory('electronics');

Key points about method-style access:

  • Passing arguments: Unlike property-style access, you can pass arguments to the getter function, allowing you to dynamically customize the returned data based on your needs.

  • No caching: Getters accessed through method-style are not automatically cached. This means the calculation is performed every time you call the function, regardless of whether the underlying state data has changed. This can have performance implications depending on the complexity of the getter's logic.

  • More control over execution: You have more granular control over the getter's execution with the method-style approach. You can use conditionals, loops, and other JavaScript functionalities inside the function for more complex data transformations.

When to use method-style access:

  • When you need to pass arguments to the getter to modify its output.

  • When you require specific control over the getter's execution logic, beyond simple data extraction.

  • When caching is not crucial for your specific use case, and performance impact is manageable.


  • Property-style access is generally recommended for simple data extraction due to its caching benefits and concise syntax.

  • Method-style access is a flexible tool for cases where dynamic arguments, precise control, or non-cached results are needed.

Choosing the right access style:

  • Analyze your specific requirements and weigh the pros and cons of each approach.

  • If you need arguments or complex logic, method-style is likely better.

  • For simple data extraction, property-style is preferable for performance and clarity.

Ultimately, the best approach depends on your specific goals and code structure. Don't hesitate to experiment and choose the style that works best for your Vuex application!

I hope this explanation clarifies the concept of method-style access in Vuex getters. Please let me know if you have any further questions about Vuex or its related concepts.

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