Wednesday 24 January 2024

What is a property style access? 155

 What is a property style access?

In the context of getters in Vuex, property-style access refers to accessing a getter as a simple property on the store.getters object. This is the most common and recommended way to access getters:


const store = createStore({ /* ... */ });

// Accessing a getter using property-style access
const completedTodosCount = store.getters.completedTodosCount;

// This is equivalent to the method-style access, but the result is cached
// const completedTodosCount = store.getters.getCompletedTodosCount();

Here are some key points about property-style access:

  • Simple and concise: It is the most straightforward way to access getters, making your code cleaner and easier to read.

  • Cached access: Getters accessed through property-style are automatically cached based on their dependencies. This means the calculated result is reused as long as the underlying state data hasn't changed, improving performance.

  • Easy integration with templates: You can directly use getters in your Vue templates with interpolation, making data binding smooth and efficient.

While property-style access is powerful, you can also access getters via the method-style:


// Accessing a getter using method-style access
const todoById = store.getters.getTodoById(123);

Method-style access is useful:

  • When passing arguments to the getter. This allows you to dynamically customize the returned data based on the provided parameters.

  • When you need more control over the getter execution. The method-style access doesn't benefit from caching, so it recalculates the result with every call.

In summary:

  • Use property-style access for most cases where you simply need the pre-calculated value of a getter.

  • Use method-style access when you need to pass arguments or have specific control over the getter execution.

Both approaches offer different advantages depending on your specific needs. Choose the one that best suits your code structure and logic.

I hope this clarifies the concept of property-style access in Vuex getters! Feel free to ask if you have any further questions.

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