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What is object style commit?160

 What is object style commit?

In Vuex, there are two primary ways to define mutations: the traditional string type based approach and the newer object-style approach. Object-style commit offers a more concise and intuitive way to define mutations.

Here's a breakdown of object-style commit:

1. Definition:

Instead of defining separate mutation types and handler functions, you group mutation definitions into objects directly within your store options. Each key in the object represents a unique mutation, and its value is an object with a "handler" function.



mutations: {
  incrementCount(state) {
  updateProduct(state, product) {
    const index = state.products.findIndex(p => ===;
    Object.assign(state.products[index], product);

2. Benefits:

  • Improved readability: Makes the purpose of each mutation clearer by directly associating the handler function with its name.

  • Reduced boilerplate: Eliminates the need for separate type strings and handler function declarations.

  • Automatic payload detection: If the handler has a single function argument, Vuex automatically interprets it as the payload.

  • Enhanced debugging: Simplifies understanding mutation execution flows within the store.

3. Important points:

  • Each mutation name should be unique and descriptive.

  • The handler function receives the current state object as its argument, and optionally the payload if it has more than one argument.

  • You can still provide explicit payload arguments like in the traditional approach.

  • Object-style commit is currently considered experimental but is expected to become the standard approach in future Vuex versions.

4. Comparison with traditional String-type commit:


String-type commit

Object-style commit


Separate type string and handler function

Mutation definitions grouped as objects within store options


Requires memorizing type strings

More intuitive with handler directly associated with name


Requires more code for types and functions

More concise, eliminates type strings

Payload detection

Manual payload arguments needed

Automatic detection for single-argument handler


Requires identifying types from separate definitions

Easier to follow mutation flow within object definitions

Overall, object-style commit provides a modern and convenient way to define mutations in Vuex. Its conciseness, improved readability, and automatic payload detection make it a powerful tool for simplifying your Vuex code and managing state effectively. While still considered experimental, its potential benefits make it a promising approach for the future of Vuex development.

I hope this explanation clarifies the concept of object-style commit in Vuex. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions or need more examples!

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