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How to print the current date ? in MuleSoft 129

 How to print the current date ? in MuleSoft

There are two primary ways to print the current date in MuleSoft 4:

1. Using the now function in DataWeave:

DataWeave offers a versatile and flexible approach for working with dates and times. Here's how to achieve this:

%dw 2.0
// Get the current date and time
var currentDateTime = now()

// Optionally format the date as needed
var formattedDate = currentDateTime format "yyyy-MM-dd";

// Print the formatted date (or directly use currentDateTime)
output = formattedDate;


  • The now function returns a DateTime object representing the current date and time.

  • You can optionally use the format function to format the date according to your desired format string (e.g., "yyyy-MM-dd" for year-month-day).

  • The final output variable (output) holds the formatted date or the original DateTime object if no formatting is applied.

2. Using MEL (Message Expression Language):

While less flexible than DataWeave, MEL can be used for basic date formatting. Here's the syntax:


#[(payload as Date).format('yyyy-MM-dd')]


  • This expression casts the payload (assuming it's a date) to a Date object.

  • The format function is used to convert the date to the specified format string.

Choosing the Right Approach:

  • DataWeave: This is the recommended method due to its readability, ability to handle various date formats, and potential for further manipulation of the date object.

  • MEL: While functional for basic formatting, MEL expressions can become complex for intricate date processing or conditional logic.

Additional Considerations:

  • Ensure the payload is a valid date type before applying these methods.

  • Error handling can be incorporated within DataWeave or MEL to gracefully handle cases where the payload might not be in the expected format.

Here are some helpful resources for further exploration:

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