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how to remove a key value pair in json object? in MuleSoft 130

 how to remove a key value pair in json object? in MuleSoft

Here are two effective methods to remove a specific key-value pair from a JSON object in MuleSoft 4:

Method 1: Using DataWeave:

DataWeave provides a powerful and concise approach for manipulating JSON objects. Here's how to achieve this:

%dw 2.0
// Sample JSON object
var data = {
  "name": "John",
  "age": 30,
  "city": "New York"

// Key to remove
var keyToRemove = "age";

// Remove the key-value pair using the minus operator (-)
output = data - keyToRemove;


  1. Define a sample JSON object (data) containing key-value pairs.

  2. Specify the key you want to remove (keyToRemove).

  3. The minus (-) operator in DataWeave effectively removes the key-value pair from the object. The resulting output will contain all key-value pairs except the one specified for removal.

Method 2: Using MEL (Message Expression Language):

MEL offers a basic approach for object manipulation. Here's how to remove a key-value pair:


#[payload remove key:'age']


  • The remove function is used on the payload (assuming it's a JSON object).

  • The key: argument specifies the key you want to remove (age in this example).

Choosing the Right Approach:

  • DataWeave: This is the recommended method due to its clarity, flexibility, and ability to handle more complex scenarios like removing multiple key-value pairs or conditionally removing based on specific criteria.

  • MEL: While functional for simple removals, MEL expressions can become cumbersome for intricate object manipulation or conditional logic.

Additional Considerations:

  • Ensure the payload is a valid JSON object before applying these methods.

  • Error handling can be incorporated within DataWeave or MEL to gracefully handle cases where the payload might not be in the expected format or the key doesn't exist.

Here are some helpful resources for further reference:

Remember that DataWeave offers a more comprehensive and versatile approach for working with JSON objects and their properties in MuleSoft 4.

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