Wednesday 6 October 2021

Compile Time Meta Programming Exercise in Groovy Scripting groovy training telugu 59

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[Exercise] AST Transformations
AST Transformations

We looking at a lot of AST Transformations in this section. 
Now I want you to go through the documentation and 
find one that we didn't look at and see if you can get it to work on
 your own.


package clone

import groovy.transform.AutoClone

class Person {
    String first
    String last
    List favItems
    Date since


package clone

def p = new Person(first:'John', last:'Smith', favItems:['ipod', 'shiraz'], since:new Date())
def p2 = p.clone()

assert p instanceof Cloneable
assert p.favItems instanceof Cloneable
assert p.since instanceof Cloneable
assert !(p.first instanceof Cloneable)

assert !
assert !
assert !

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