Wednesday 6 October 2021

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[Exercise] What makes up a class

We are going to create a class that represents a single tweet.
This is an exercise both about code and starting to think about what
goes into building a class. There is no right or wrong answer here 
so don't be afraid to build your class how you see fit. I will go 
over in the review what I was thinking about when I built mine but 
again my answer is not the right one. 

What properties and methods go into building a tweet class? 

Bonus Points
How could you extract mentions and hashtags from the post text? 

class Tweet{
String post
String username
Date postDateTime

private List favorites=[]
private List retweets=[]
private List mentions=[]
private List hashtags=[]

void favorite(String username){



List getFavorites(){


void retweets(String username){
retweets << username
List getRetweets(){

Tweet tweet= new Tweet(post:"This Groovy Course is Awesome",username:"@therealdanvega",postDateTime:new Date())
println tweet

println tweet.getFavorites()
println tweet.getRetweets()

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