Wednesday 6 October 2021

MetaProgramming Customizing the MOP in Groovy Scripting groovy training telugu 44

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package therealdnvega

//this method is called when the method you called is not present in the groovy

class InvokeDemo{

def invokeMethod(String name,Object args){

return"called invokeMethod $name $args"


def test(){

return "method exists"

def invokeDemo = new InvokeDemo()
assert invokeDemo.test()=="method exists"
assert invokeDemo.someMethod()=="called invokeMEthod someMethod[]"


package therealdnvega

class PropertyDemo{

def prop1="prop1"
def prop2="prop2"
def prop3="prop3"
def getProperty(String name){
println "getProperty() called with argumeny $name"
// return

return metaClass.getProperty(this,name)
println "less do something fun with this property"
return "party time....
def pd=new PropertyDemo()
println pd.prop1
println pd.prop2
println pd.prop3
println pd.prop4

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