Thursday 28 December 2023

What are the primary requirements for a table to be used in Power Map ?Power BI interview questions and answers 186

 What are the primary requirements for a table to be used in Power Map ?

Here are the primary requirements for a table to be usable in Power Map:

1. Geographic Data:

  • At least one column containing geographic values: This column is essential for Power Map to plot data on a 3D globe or map. Acceptable formats include:

  • City names

  • State/province names

  • Country/region names

  • Postal codes

  • Longitude and latitude pairs (either as separate columns or combined in a single column)

2. Data Types:

  • Text data types for geographic columns: Ensure geographic columns are formatted as text, not numbers or other types.

  • Numeric or text data types for other columns: Power Map visualizes these columns based on their values and relationships with geographic data.

3. Table Structure:

  • Organized in rows and columns: Power Map works with standard tabular structures.

  • No merged cells or multiple headers: A well-structured table without merged cells or complex layouts is ideal.

4. Data Accuracy:

  • Correct and consistent geographic data: Accurate geographic information is crucial for accurate mapping.

  • No missing or invalid values: Ensure geographic columns have valid entries for all rows.

5. Data Size:

  • Maximum of 100,000 rows for optimal performance: Exceeding this limit can impact Power Map's functionality and speed.

  • Consider filtering or summarizing large datasets: If necessary, pre-process large datasets to ensure smooth Power Map experience.

Additional Tips:

  • Clear column headers: Use descriptive headers for easy interpretation of plotted data.

  • Data validation: Double-check accuracy of geographic data to avoid mapping errors.

  • Preview data: Before launching Power Map, preview data within Excel to ensure it meets requirements.

By meeting these requirements, you'll ensure a seamless and informative experience when creating 3D visualizations in Power Map!

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