Thursday 28 December 2023

What are the three Edit interactions options of a visual tile in Power BI Desktop ? Power BI interview questions and answers 180

 What are the three Edit interactions options of a visual tile in Power BI Desktop ?

The three Edit interactions options for a visual tile in Power BI Desktop are:

1. None:

  • This option disconnects the visual from other visuals in the report. No highlighting or cross-filtering occurs when interacting with the visual.

  • Useful for visuals displaying independent data that shouldn't influence other analyses.

2. Highlight:

  • This option enables cross-highlighting across visuals linked by relationships. Selecting data points in one visual highlights corresponding data points in other visuals, providing contextual visualization of relevant details.

  • Ideal for dashboards where users need to explore connected data from different perspectives.

3. Filter:

  • This option filters other visuals based on selections made in the current visual. Choosing a specific data point filters other visuals to show only related data, narrowing down the focus for deeper analysis.

  • Effective for exploring data hierarchies and drilling down to granular details within specific categories or segments.

Choosing the right Edit interactions option depends on several factors:

  • Desired user interaction: Highlight for contextual awareness, Filter for focused analysis, or None for independent exploration.

  • Data relationships: Highlight and Filter work best with linked visuals through relationships.

  • Dashboard design: Consider overall flow and how interactions between visuals enhance user experience.


  • You can configure individual Edit interactions options for each visual within your Power BI Desktop reports.

  • Experiment with different options to find the most effective setup for your data and user needs.

  • Clearly communicate the meaning of interactions through visual cues and tooltips to guide users and enhance their data exploration experience.

I hope this explanation clarifies the three Edit interactions options and helps you choose the right one for your Power BI reports. If you have any further questions about specific interaction scenarios or designing optimal interactions within your dashboards, feel free to ask! I'm always happy to help you leverage the power of interactions for engaging and insightful Power BI reports.

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