Thursday 28 December 2023

What are the Privacy levels in Power BI Desktop ?Power BI interview questions and answers 185


In Power BI Desktop, privacy levels define the isolation level between data sources within a single report or file. They dictate how much data can be shared or combined between different sources, impacting both security and performance. Here's a breakdown of the available privacy levels:

1. None: This is the default setting for new data sources. It allows unrestricted data sharing and combining between all sources in the report, offering maximum flexibility but potentially compromising security.

2. Private: This is the most restrictive setting. Data from a private source remains completely isolated and cannot be shared or combined with data from any other source in the report. This ensures maximum security but limits analysis by preventing connections and comparisons.

3. Organizational: This level allows data sharing and combining between organizational sources, meaning sources connected within the same organizational network. This balances security with some flexibility for analysis, enabling connections between relevant internal sources while keeping external data isolated.

4. Public: This level allows data sharing and combining between all sources, both internal and external. It offers the most flexibility for analysis but raises security concerns as data becomes potentially accessible from any source.

Choosing the right privacy level depends on various factors:

  • Security requirements: High-sensitivity data might require private or organizational levels for strict control.

  • Analysis needs: Public or organizational levels facilitate broader insights by enabling data connections.

  • Data source type: External sources might necessitate stricter settings like private or organizational.

  • Organizational policies: Compliance regulations might dictate specific privacy levels for data handling.


  • Clearly understand the data sources and their relationships before setting privacy levels.

  • Balance security with flexibility based on your specific needs and data sensitivity.

  • Consider using a combination of different levels for different sources within a report for optimal control.

Understanding and utilizing privacy levels effectively ensures your Power BI reports are both secure and insightful. If you have any further questions about specific scenarios or choosing the right privacy level for your data, feel free to ask!

I'm happy to help you navigate the intricacies of data privacy in Power BI and ensure your reports meet both security and analytical needs.

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