Monday 18 December 2023

Where incremental licensing refresh feature is accessible Power BI ?Power?BI interview questions and answers 015

Where incremental licensing refresh feature is accessible Power BI ?

The incremental licensing refresh feature in Power BI is accessible in several places, depending on your license and desired usage:

Available in:

  • Power BI Pro: This is the most commonly used option for individual users with the Pro license. You can enable and configure incremental refresh directly within your datasets in Power BI Desktop and publish them to the Power BI Service for scheduled or manual refreshes.

  • Power BI Embedded datasets: This option is suitable for developers who embed Power BI reports and visuals within their own applications. Incremental refresh is available for Power BI Embedded datasets deployed in Azure App Service or through dedicated hosting solutions.

  • Premium Per User (PPU) license: Users with a PPU license can also leverage incremental refresh within their individual Power BI workspaces. However, some advanced features like partition management and refresh policies might be limited compared to dedicated Premium capacities.

Not available in:

  • Power BI Free license: The free tier of Power BI does not support incremental refresh, as it's meant for basic data exploration and visualization with limited data volume and refresh capabilities.

  • Shared workspaces in Power BI Service: Currently, incremental refresh is not supported for datasets within shared workspaces in the Power BI Service. This functionality is expected to be available in the future.

Additional considerations:

  • Dataset complexity: Incremental refresh works best with well-structured data models with clear date partitioning and efficient query design. Complex models or poorly optimized queries might not benefit as much from incremental refresh.

  • Performance and cost: While incremental refresh can improve refresh performance and reduce resource consumption, it adds some complexity to your data model and requires careful configuration. Consider your specific needs and data volume before opting for this feature.

I hope this clarifies where you can access the incremental licensing refresh feature in Power BI. Remember to choose the option that best suits your license, deployment environment, and data model complexity. Feel free to ask further if you have any specific questions about implementing incremental refresh!

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