Monday 18 December 2023

Which filter level is analogous to the slicer in a report on the Power BI desktop ? Power BI interview questions and answers 013

 Which filter level is analogous to the slicer in a report on the Power BI desktop ?

In Power BI Desktop, the Visual Level filter is the most analogous to a slicer in terms of functionality and impact on a report. Here's why:


  • Scope: Both slicers and Visual Level filters apply to individual visuals on a report page. They don't affect other visuals or the entire report unless linked explicitly.

  • Dynamic Interaction: When you select values in a slicer or apply changes to a Visual Level filter, the corresponding visual immediately updates to reflect the filtered data. This provides a real-time and interactive exploration experience.

  • User Experience: Both slicers and Visual Level filters offer an intuitive way for users to explore and manipulate data within individual visuals. They allow users to focus on specific data subsets and gain deeper insights.


  • Presentation: Slicers are a separate visual element on the report canvas, offering visual cues like checkboxes or drop-down menus for selecting values. Visual Level filters are typically integrated into the visual itself, with options like sliders, dropdowns, or checkboxes appearing within the visual context.

  • Customization: Slicers offer more options for customization, including changing their title, formatting, and layout. Visual Level filters are usually limited to the pre-defined options within the specific visual type.

  • Global vs. Individual: While you can configure individual visuals to use their own Visual Level filters, you can also set a single filter on the Visual Level that applies to all visuals on the page. This is not directly possible with slicers, which always operate on individual visuals.


Both slicers and Visual Level filters serve the same purpose of filtering data within individual visuals on a Power BI report. Slicers offer a more intuitive and visually distinct way to interact with filters, while Visual Level filters integrate seamlessly into the visual itself. Choosing between them depends on your specific needs and preferences for user experience and visual design within your report.

I hope this clarifies the relationship between slicers and Visual Level filters in Power BI Desktop!

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