Monday 18 December 2023

Where is the data stored in Power BI ? Power BI interview questions and answers 014

 Where is the data stored in Power BI ?

The data used in Power BI can be stored in a couple of different locations, depending on the source and how you're using it:

1. In the Cloud:

  • Azure Blob Storage: When you upload data directly to Power BI Service, it gets stored in Azure Blob Storage, a secure and scalable cloud storage service. This is where the bulk of your data resides if you're using Power BI Service in the cloud.

  • Azure SQL Database: Metadata about your data and system artifacts like reports and models are stored in Azure SQL Database, also in the cloud. This ensures fast access and management of your data analysis environment.

2. On-premises:

  • Local data sources: You can connect to various on-premises data sources directly from Power BI Desktop, such as Excel files, SQL Server databases, or other local data platforms. The data itself remains in its original location and isn't copied to Power BI.

  • Gateway: If you need to access on-premises data sources from Power BI Service, you can use a Power BI Gateway. This acts as a bridge between your cloud environment and your on-premises data, allowing you to securely connect and refresh data without storing it in the cloud.

3. Data Models:

  • Embedded data models: Within Power BI reports, you can also have embedded data models that hold smaller subsets of data directly within the report file. This can be useful for offline viewing or sharing reports with certain limitations.

So, the location of your data in Power BI depends on:

  • Source: Whether it's uploaded, connected to directly, or embedded within the report.

  • Platform: Are you using Power BI Desktop on your local machine or Power BI Service in the cloud?

Remember, even when you connect to on-premises data sources, only metadata and analysis artifacts are stored in the cloud. Your actual data remains secure in its original location.

I hope this clarifies where your data resides in Power BI! Feel free to ask if you have any further questions.

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