Monday 18 December 2023

Where do you find Q&A highlight in Power BI ? Power BI interview questions and answers 017

 Where do you find Q&A highlight in Power BI ?

There are two primary locations where you'll find Q&A highlights in Power BI:

1. Q&A Visual:

  • The dedicated Q&A visual is the most direct way to interact with Q&A functionality. You can:

  • Add the Q&A visual to your report: Drag and drop the Q&A icon from the Visualizations pane onto your report canvas.

  • Ask your questions: Type your natural language questions in the Q&A input field.

  • See highlighted answers: Power BI will analyze your data and highlight relevant visuals on your report based on your question.

  • Explore further: Click on the highlighted visuals to drill down into specific data points or explore related information.

2. Hover Cards:

  • When hovering over data points in other visuals, you might see Q&A-powered hover cards appear:

  • Look for small information card icons hovering near data points.

  • Click on those icons to see generated Q&A insights related to the specific data point you're hovering over.

  • These insights often offer additional context or summaries based on your data model and current report context.


  • Bookmarks: You can create bookmarks that capture the state of your report after asking a question and highlighting relevant visuals.

  • Q&A settings: Depending on your Power BI configuration, you might also find Q&A settings within the Power BI Service or Desktop to customize answer generation and interaction behavior.

Remember, the availability and specific features of Q&A highlights might vary depending on your Power BI license, version, and report configuration. However, understanding these primary locations will help you find and leverage Q&A highlights effectively to analyze your data through natural language questions and interactive visualization exploration.

If you have any further questions about specific Q&A functionalities or need help finding highlights in your reports, feel free to ask!

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